Surviving Your First Night In Minecraft

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Minecraft Survival Guide

Minecraft has received huge amounts of praise recently for being one of the most creative games conceived for many years. Each game is randomly built of hundreds of thousands of cubes. There are many different types of cube. Ranging from solid rock, or dirt and even lava blocks.
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You can spend all your time building huge castles, or all your time mining for coal. The choice really is yours to do whatever you feel.
Surviving Your First Night In Minecraft
I'll cover here the basics of surviving your first night. The first is always the worst.

At night a whole variety of monsters and bad guys spawn and try and end the life of your player. Skeletons fire arrows from what seems like miles away, spiders jump out of nowhere and chase you for miles and zombies hide behind corners waiting to jump on the player when he least expects it.

Day Time.

During your first Minecraft day you should collect enough raw material to see you through the night. Start with wooden logs to make planks and sticks, then mine some coal and rock for picks and torches.

Crafting a stone sword will help in case any stray monsters penetrate your defences unexpectedly.

Build a small dwelling where you can hide out if you find yourself surrounded by monsters.

Night Time.

By now you should have enough materials to last the next 10 minutes of game time. People often use the night to mine for more stone resources, or go exploring in cave and mine systems.

Venturing out into the wild on the first few nights before you really have a feel for the game often leads to unexpected and annoying deaths. I found on my first night stepping out allowed a creeper to jump off my roof and explode on my head. Killing me instantly and destroying my home.

I spent the rest of the night just running around as every time I stopped an arrow whizzed past my head.

The second night is always easier, and the more you play the most resources you'll have to combat all the monsters.

Remember to have fun. You'll be addicted before you know it.
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