Grass in Minecraft

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You must be know about grass block minecraft !! this grass block texture very amazing. Lets find you grass block in minecraft.
Double Tallgrass.png
Hello everybody! Nice to meet you! I will share to you about grass, and, this is the info.When broken normally, all variants will drop either nothing or seeds.
They can be obtained as an item using shears. The double tall grass and large ferns will drop two of the respective single block tall grass when mined using shears.
Water will destroy any tall grass in its way. Grass and double tall grass generate on grass blocks in most biomes that generate grass. Ferns and large ferns occur naturally only in jungle, taiga, and mega taiga biomes.
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Shrubs, though identical in appearance to the dead bushes found in deserts and mesas, do not naturally generate.
Bone meal can be used on a grass block to grow grass and occasionally flowers on it and in its vicinity. Bone meal can also be used on either tall grass or a fern to create a double tall grass or large fern.
A shrub looks identical to the dead bush, except that it will occasionally drop seeds instead of sticks, and is randomly offset from the center of its block like grass. It can be obtained using /give @p minecraft:tallgrass 1 0. In Pocket Edition, this block is named 'Fern' but has the texture of Grass in Minecraft
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