The 13 Phases of the Minecraft Infection

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Through my career as a Minecraft player I have recognized several basic stages an average player goes through when "infected". I have a feeling that you will recognize these stages.
The 13 Phases of the Minecraft Infection

  1. The Infection: Almost no one discovers Minecraft on their own. Most Minecraft players are introduced to the game by close frineds, or they here about it on the internet. I myself, discovered it after my friend and I played it at his house for hours. Many people are also "infected" by means of YouTube.
  2. The Arrival: Now that the player has seen Minecraft, he will want it. Badly. Either by pirating (shun them) or by buying the game, the player will acquire it.
  3. The Begining: The player will play Minecraft for the first time. The game will suck. The player will not know how to do a thing! I myself had to watch six YouTube videos just to figure out how to open up Minecraft and start a new world. read article about : Tutorial to Hide your Item - Minecraft Minigame
  4. Who likes survival mode?: When a Minecraft player first starts he almost never plays survival. In his mind, survival is boring and hard, but creative is exciting and interesting. You can do anything! You can fly! You can kill creepers! You can make full diamond armor!
  5. Creative gets Boring: The player has been playing Minecraft for about a week now. All he really does is build dirt houses and kill creepers with full armor and enchanted weapons. Its kinda fun... Well actually it's getting really boring. The player isn't very good, and there is no challenge for him. Its time to try out survival mode, right?
  6. The Start of Survival: After getting bored of creative, many players will turn to survival. The player uses the internet and finds out how to play.The survival phase lasts for about a year.
  7. The MADNESS: This is one of the worst stages of the Minecraft infection. When a player is well on in a survival map and dies chaos insues. ONe characteristic of this stage that will help you identify it is classified as the "engraged maniac howl".
  8. First Break: After dying and losing diamonds a player will often spend up to a month away from the game.
  9. Cheating: After taking a break from the game, the player choses to try it out again. He will pretend he had never died, and hack his items back.
  10. The End: If the player is good enough, he will eventually kill the enderdragon. He will then brag to all his friends.
  11. Second Break: Survival is over and creative is boring. What's left for the infected to obsess over?
  12. Creative: A month or so after beating survival most players will turn to creative. They will build houses, make mob arenas, and find hight limit.
  13. The Divergence: After experimenting with creative, infected players may go in multiple directions. Some infected will show signs of multiple paths.

Route A: The player will begin to play on servers

Route B: The player will download maps to play

Route C: The player will experiment with redstone and eventually become a professional

Route D: The player will download and make mods.

Route E: The player will host a server.

Route F: The player will quit Minecraft.

Route G: The player will (much like me) build Minecraft custom maps.

Route H: The player will fall into a repetitive and deadly cycle of greed and become terribly obsessed with Minecraft. The player will lose all his friends and family.

Now that you understand the common stages of the Minecraft infection, try to recognize them in your self. Denial is not the answer.
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