Minecraft - Island Survival

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If you spawn on an island, you will have very limited resources. Because it is a new world, you can simply go back, delete the world, and create a new one, but perhaps you want to challenge yourself and survive in a unique world.

Know your environment

Islands generate in very remote areas. Usually, you will not see any other land, and the island you are on has only one tree. There are no animals, but there are monsters.

Surviving your first night

Before you do anything, go to the tree and collect all the wood. Because resources are low, only craft things a certain number of times.

Once you have done this, collect any saplings and place them throughout the island.

Building a shelter

Go to the far end of the island and place your crafting table. Craft a door and a wooden sword.

Now for the building itself. Again, resources are low, so make a small structure out of dirt.Build the walls two blocks high in the arrangement shown on the right. Make sure that the opening is facing the rest of the island. Once you have done this, place your door.

Enter your shelter at sunset.


Even without animals, there are ways to get food:

- Fishing
     -You will need to dig to get cobblestone for a furnace to cook the fish
- Growing wheat and crafting it into bread
- Apples
     -Only available if the tree was oak
- Carrots and potatoes
     - Not usually available on second day


Islands have limited space. You could build on the island, but this doesn't leave much room. A better approach is to build a house on the water and connect it to the island with a bridge.


Although there are no sheep, you can still get string from spiders and craft wool. Once you have three wool, you can make a bed.


To make a compact mine, make ladders and dig down. To look for a cave, listen for bats.

Once you find a cave, start mining.
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