The First Day Survive in Minecraft part 1

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Hello guys, Welcome back to Minecraft-Minigame! I will share to you how to survive in Minecraft. Created for players who do not know how to begin their Minecraft journey, the Beginner's Guide is a tutorial created to provide a list full of good ways to start! Here, players will learn how to survive their first night in two different formats: in an overview with goals or in a step-by-step instruction. The player can choose which one they want, but both will accomplish the same goal.

First Time

As your first day begins, you will need to collect wood. Collect at least four trees' worth of wood blocks by holding down the left mouse button while looking at the block. Open up your inventory (default key: E). You will see your character taking up most of the upper portion, and below is your inventory, which is where the 36 different items that your character can use or carry are stored (the bottom 9 are the usable slots). Four armor slots are to the left of your character (ignore those for now, they don't become useful until much later on), and a 2x2 square to the right of your character. This is your personal crafting grid, which can be used to craft a few basic items. Place the wood you gathered into any space in the crafting grid, and wooden planks will appear to the right of your wood. Left-clicking the planks will cause the wood to disappear and planks to appear as a newly crafted item. Once you have the planks in your hand, you can drag them down to your inventory, and place using the left click. Four wooden planks can in turn make a crafting table ( place 4 wooden planks in a 2x2 square ) and place the crafting table to use it. Right click your crafting table to access it, this crafting grid is a 3x3 square, big enough for all of the craftable items in minecraft. The first tool you craft should be a wooden pickaxe. Take a look around you, if you see any exposed stone blocks close by mine them for 19 blocks of cobblestone. This is the amount you need to create every basic tool you'll need in Minecraft; a sword, a pickaxe (you'll need the upgraded pickaxe for iron and other blocks), an axe, a shovel, a hoe, and a furnace. You'll need the furnace to cook meat for food and smelt any ore you mine with your pickaxe.

If all goes well, you can obtain coal quickly (coal looks like stone with black dots). With the sticks you make from your fresh cut wooden planks and some coal, you will be able to make Torches (coal above a stick on the crafting grid). With torches in hand, you can make for the nearest cave, because iron ore is your next goal. Underground will actually be safer than the surface when night falls, so mining the first night away is not a bad idea at all. On the other hand, if night is falling and you haven't found coal, get more wood (not planks) and smelt it to create charcoal, a substitute. (Additionally, you can gather 3 blocks of wool from sheep and combine it with three planks to make a bed. With this you can sleep through the night without the worry of mobs killing you. The downside of this is wasting sunlight the next day mining, or working indoors.)

Night Time

For night time, the primary danger will be hostile mobs that only spawn in the dark. These include zombies, skeletons and spiders. It is a good idea to stay in a lit shelter(As monsters do not spawn in the light).On the other hand, if you're seeking adventure you could always arm yourself with a stone sword and go beat some mobs; you will be able to get some materials for further crafting, not to mention a ton of experience, which can be used later on for enchanting tools.

One way to avoid being attacked by monsters is to put torches or a jack-o-lantern inside and around your shelter. This will prevent monster spawning, but monsters that spawn outside of the lit areas can still wander into the lit areas.

If you are repeatedly getting killed, one desperate response is to go into "peaceful difficulty". However, consider this: This being your first day, you aren't actually losing much until the deaths (at least not after what stuff you've gathered is lost), so you can just tough it out until dawn and start again. Keep on practicing killing mobs until you get the hang of it.


A shelter is something you might consider building before your first night because you won't want to be killed. You can make a small hole to hide in or a small two by three house made out of wood and dirt. Place torches in your preferred shelter because in light level 7 or below zombies might spawn. Don't forget to build a bed to sleep until dawn (this will speed time in-game to dawn to avoid hostile mobs). If you do see a cave it could be a temporary home but remember to place torches—creepers don't really make good neighbors. They could explode if you go near them.

Food and Hunger

Once you have tools and shelter, your next priority will be food. Hunger will take a while to hit, so it shouldn't be a problem on your first day, but you should try to pick up some food for when it does. However, after you've been moving around for a while, your food bar will begin rippling and start to decrease. If your food bar drops below 90%, you will not regenerate health, and if it gets to 30%, you can't sprint. If the hunger bar goes down to empty, you will begin losing health. Unless you're in Hard mode (and a beginning player shouldn't be), you can't actually starve to death, but you will go down to 1 health point in Normal mode or half your health in Easy mode, and that leaves you quite vulnerable. You don't lose hunger in Peaceful mode, so you don't have to worry about that.

Walking, mining blocks, and even placing blocks all cost some hunger, but all of those are minimal compared to the items below. These are the things that cause the most hunger, in order of cost

  • Healing damage of any sort. Avoid taking falls of more than 3 blocks, drowning yourself, or otherwise taking damage, as healing damage costs a lot of hunger.
  • Fighting: Both attacking mobs and receiving damage cost hunger, even before you start trying to heal damage. (10 blows either way matches healing Half Heart.svg, one health point.) You will need to slaughter a few animals but pick your fights carefully.
  • Sprinting. If you double-tap the forward movement key (W by default), or press your sprint key (Left Ctrl by default), you will sprint. This moves somewhat faster, but it also uses a lot of food. (30 meters matches healing Half Heart.svg.) However, if you happen to have a sufficient amount of food in your inventory, you can always do it your way.
  • Jumping. Obviously, you'll need to jump some just to get around, but don't bounce around randomly or unnecessarily. (15 jumps matches healing Half Heart.svg) Sprinting jumps are especially costly, 4 times as much as a regular jump, although they are the fastest mode of transportation early in the game.

  • Note that if you're (staying) at full health, and not moving, fighting, mining or placing blocks, then you will use no food. Thus, if your character has a secure place to stay, you can just stay put to conserve food while waiting out the night, a storm, or crop/animal growth

    Consider making a basic crop farm immediately after you have settled in a place. Wheat is where you'll begin:

  • You can use harvested wheat to make bread.
  • You can obtain it easily using seeds collected by breaking grass.
  • When harvesting wheat, you can use the wheat/seeds to breed cows and chickens, thus having a better food source

  • I hope you enjoy it, i tired now, see you again in part 2!
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