Panduan Raid di server Factions

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Raid Base semudah yang Anda pikirkan. Lama dan membosankan di beberapa poin. Jangan raid orang miskin, karena tidak setara dengan waktu dan energi. Tapi ada satu peraturan yang harus selalu Anda ikuti. Jangan pernah meninggalkan Username Anda di sign atau sesuatu seperti itu. Sekarang, mari kita masuk ke langkah-langkah yang benar untuk raid base.

Langkah-langkah ini adalah untuk meraid base orang di server faction yang tidak memiliki peraturan untuk melawan perampasan ...

1. Ambil sebanyak mungkin teman untuk ikut dengan Anda (semakin meriah)
2. Ambil perlengkapan terbaik Anda
3. Ambil Fire Resistant Potions
4. Ambil Anda dan teman Anda masing-masing 1 ember lava dan / atau Flint and Steel
5. Anda ingin melakukan ini sementara hanya satu atau dua anggota faction yang online dan di base, jadi pastikan Anda tahu siapa pemilik basisnya.
6. Ambil beberapa TNT dan batu api dan baja

Sekarang untuk bagian Raid:
       Pakai Fire Resistance anda, dan hancurkan dinding dengan TNT. tempatkan lava dan api dimana-mana, yang akan membantu membunuh anggota faction. Saat menyerang, gunakan F3 + B agar kamu bisa melihat kotak-kotak hit di sekitar musuh. Hal pertama yang Anda lakukan adalah bunuh mereka, temukan di mana mereka meletakkan /f home mereka, dan blokir dengan blok apapun sehingga mereka tidak bisa kembali. Jangan buka peti dan ambil barangnya, hancurkan saja jadi kamu tidak bisa diserang saat membuka peti. Setelah Anda membunuh mereka dan mereka tidak dapat kembali, ambil barang yang Anda inginkan dan biarkan mereka frustasi dan pergi. ini akan membuat mereka frustrasi dengan Anda dan mereka akan menginginkan balas dendam. jadi ... aturlah beberapa perangkap di markasmu !!!

Jika server faction ini memiliki peraturan untuk tidak merampok, lakukan saat mereka offline dan gunakan ramuan tak kasat mata jika mereka melanjutkan. ingat untuk meledakkan dasar, meskipun !!

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Surviving Your First Night In Minecraft

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Minecraft Survival Guide

Minecraft has received huge amounts of praise recently for being one of the most creative games conceived for many years. Each game is randomly built of hundreds of thousands of cubes. There are many different types of cube. Ranging from solid rock, or dirt and even lava blocks.
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You can spend all your time building huge castles, or all your time mining for coal. The choice really is yours to do whatever you feel.
Surviving Your First Night In Minecraft
I'll cover here the basics of surviving your first night. The first is always the worst.

At night a whole variety of monsters and bad guys spawn and try and end the life of your player. Skeletons fire arrows from what seems like miles away, spiders jump out of nowhere and chase you for miles and zombies hide behind corners waiting to jump on the player when he least expects it.

Day Time.

During your first Minecraft day you should collect enough raw material to see you through the night. Start with wooden logs to make planks and sticks, then mine some coal and rock for picks and torches.

Crafting a stone sword will help in case any stray monsters penetrate your defences unexpectedly.

Build a small dwelling where you can hide out if you find yourself surrounded by monsters.

Night Time.

By now you should have enough materials to last the next 10 minutes of game time. People often use the night to mine for more stone resources, or go exploring in cave and mine systems.

Venturing out into the wild on the first few nights before you really have a feel for the game often leads to unexpected and annoying deaths. I found on my first night stepping out allowed a creeper to jump off my roof and explode on my head. Killing me instantly and destroying my home.

I spent the rest of the night just running around as every time I stopped an arrow whizzed past my head.

The second night is always easier, and the more you play the most resources you'll have to combat all the monsters.

Remember to have fun. You'll be addicted before you know it.

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The 13 Phases of the Minecraft Infection

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Through my career as a Minecraft player I have recognized several basic stages an average player goes through when "infected". I have a feeling that you will recognize these stages.
The 13 Phases of the Minecraft Infection

  1. The Infection: Almost no one discovers Minecraft on their own. Most Minecraft players are introduced to the game by close frineds, or they here about it on the internet. I myself, discovered it after my friend and I played it at his house for hours. Many people are also "infected" by means of YouTube.
  2. The Arrival: Now that the player has seen Minecraft, he will want it. Badly. Either by pirating (shun them) or by buying the game, the player will acquire it.
  3. The Begining: The player will play Minecraft for the first time. The game will suck. The player will not know how to do a thing! I myself had to watch six YouTube videos just to figure out how to open up Minecraft and start a new world. read article about : Tutorial to Hide your Item - Minecraft Minigame
  4. Who likes survival mode?: When a Minecraft player first starts he almost never plays survival. In his mind, survival is boring and hard, but creative is exciting and interesting. You can do anything! You can fly! You can kill creepers! You can make full diamond armor!
  5. Creative gets Boring: The player has been playing Minecraft for about a week now. All he really does is build dirt houses and kill creepers with full armor and enchanted weapons. Its kinda fun... Well actually it's getting really boring. The player isn't very good, and there is no challenge for him. Its time to try out survival mode, right?
  6. The Start of Survival: After getting bored of creative, many players will turn to survival. The player uses the internet and finds out how to play.The survival phase lasts for about a year.
  7. The MADNESS: This is one of the worst stages of the Minecraft infection. When a player is well on in a survival map and dies chaos insues. ONe characteristic of this stage that will help you identify it is classified as the "engraged maniac howl".
  8. First Break: After dying and losing diamonds a player will often spend up to a month away from the game.
  9. Cheating: After taking a break from the game, the player choses to try it out again. He will pretend he had never died, and hack his items back.
  10. The End: If the player is good enough, he will eventually kill the enderdragon. He will then brag to all his friends.
  11. Second Break: Survival is over and creative is boring. What's left for the infected to obsess over?
  12. Creative: A month or so after beating survival most players will turn to creative. They will build houses, make mob arenas, and find hight limit.
  13. The Divergence: After experimenting with creative, infected players may go in multiple directions. Some infected will show signs of multiple paths.

Route A: The player will begin to play on servers

Route B: The player will download maps to play

Route C: The player will experiment with redstone and eventually become a professional

Route D: The player will download and make mods.

Route E: The player will host a server.

Route F: The player will quit Minecraft.

Route G: The player will (much like me) build Minecraft custom maps.

Route H: The player will fall into a repetitive and deadly cycle of greed and become terribly obsessed with Minecraft. The player will lose all his friends and family.

Now that you understand the common stages of the Minecraft infection, try to recognize them in your self. Denial is not the answer.

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Tutorial to Hide your Item - Minecraft Minigame

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You wont your stuff to be taken on a server, otherwise you will never see your stuff again. Ender chests is good, but sometimes you have more stuff than the ender chest can fit (although shulker boxes can help), especially in servers where the ender chest space is made smaller. This page features ways that you can hide your most prized possessions. Enjoy all!

For Non-Advanced Players

If you don't have much, are a new player, or are just lazy, this section is for you.

Chest under chest

This is a simple way to hide your stuff. All you have to do is dig a place on the ground, and place a chest there. Then, on top of that, add another chest, which you will put only junk. When another player enters your house, they will see the top chest full of junk, and not see the chest under that (where you hide your stuff!).

Door hideout

In the corner of your house, add a door. Be sure the handle faces AWAY from the corner, so when you open the door, the side where the door opens to is blocked. On that side, add your secret chest! You may want to make the doorway look like a furnace room, so when the other players raid your house, they open the door only to see only a furnace room. On the other side of the door however, the chest is blocked from view!

Door hideout v2

Some people might know about the door hideout trick and close the door. BOOM, Loot! Just to make sure they don't find it that way, place your chest in the ground and put a wall for the door to block. Now, when they shut the door, they see a plain wall. If you still aren't feeling safe, place it a block under with dirt on top.


A trapped chest could easily be a decoy, hooked up to TNT or some other kind of deadly trap. If this tactic is common knowledge on your server, placing your valuables in a trapped chest might be enough to dissuade potential thieves. The good part of this double-bluff is that it is relatively cheap and can be combined with any other hiding method. The bad part is that it relies on the thief noticing that the chest is trapped before they try opening it.

Minecart Corner

Again in the corner, this is a great way to hide your stuff. Just right behind the corner on the other side, dig one block down, and add a chest minecart. From the corner, you can click on the minecart chest to open it. Be sure people don't see the chest from the outside!

Under Dirt

Perhaps the simplest way to hide a chest. Put a large chest under two grass blocks. Make sure that it's in a spot that noone would want to mine in, like next to a lava lake or under a creeper's crater. If the server has a plugin, set a home there; otherwise, put something there to help you remember where it is.

Under the Rug

Basically "Under Dirt", but instead with carpet.

For Pros

The section for advanced treasure-buriers.
This section includes redstone builds, so if you are good at redstone, this is definitely for you.
First of all, you might want to consider trying out the minecart trick. It is simple to build and very well hidden. In fact, other can't see it if you cover it up!

Dungeon Protection

Find a dungeon and hide it (Tutorials/Secret door). Attach a redstone lamp to the monster spawner and set up the redstone so that the lamp is on when the door is closed and off when the door is open. This ensures that no mob noises can be heard while a thief is searching, and that they will guard if he/she finds the dungeon. Hide important items in here, and they will be safe.

Shell Game

Build a room or a house full of trapped chests, all hooked up to deadly traps. You could then memorize the location of the "real" chest, which contains all your goodies and won't brutally murder you -- or you could do like a real shell game, make all of the choices the "wrong" one, and hide your valuables somewhere else entirely. Make sure to surround the chests with wooden pressure plates, so nobody thinks they'll get away with just breaking the chests instead of opening them.

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Minecraft - Island Survival

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If you spawn on an island, you will have very limited resources. Because it is a new world, you can simply go back, delete the world, and create a new one, but perhaps you want to challenge yourself and survive in a unique world.

Know your environment

Islands generate in very remote areas. Usually, you will not see any other land, and the island you are on has only one tree. There are no animals, but there are monsters.

Surviving your first night

Before you do anything, go to the tree and collect all the wood. Because resources are low, only craft things a certain number of times.

Once you have done this, collect any saplings and place them throughout the island.

Building a shelter

Go to the far end of the island and place your crafting table. Craft a door and a wooden sword.

Now for the building itself. Again, resources are low, so make a small structure out of dirt.Build the walls two blocks high in the arrangement shown on the right. Make sure that the opening is facing the rest of the island. Once you have done this, place your door.

Enter your shelter at sunset.


Even without animals, there are ways to get food:

- Fishing
     -You will need to dig to get cobblestone for a furnace to cook the fish
- Growing wheat and crafting it into bread
- Apples
     -Only available if the tree was oak
- Carrots and potatoes
     - Not usually available on second day


Islands have limited space. You could build on the island, but this doesn't leave much room. A better approach is to build a house on the water and connect it to the island with a bridge.


Although there are no sheep, you can still get string from spiders and craft wool. Once you have three wool, you can make a bed.


To make a compact mine, make ladders and dig down. To look for a cave, listen for bats.

Once you find a cave, start mining.

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Minecraft - Abandoned Mineshaft

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Minecraft Mineshaft.png 
Hello again guys! I have make a article about Abandoned Mineshaft!

Abandoned mineshafts generate naturally in the Overworld, they are usually found underground but some can be found in the ocean. They are generated before chunk features such as ores. As with other features, multiple abandoned mineshafts can generate near each other and intersect, producing larger complexes. They can also intersect with other cave systems. Corridors will generate a floor of wooden planks if they cross over empty space. Different with mineshaft seed, mineshaft launcher

They can also generate on the surface in mesa biomes. These are composed of dark oak planks and fences, rather than oak. Cave spider spawners and various wooden pieces will not generate if above ground (i.e. the sky light where they generate is 8 or more), and generated railways will be less complete above ground.

Structure Abandoned Mineshaft

Abandoned mineshafts consist of:
  • A starting point - a large room with a flat dirt floor, an arched ceiling and up to four exits (one in each direction, although, sometimes it generates in a way for up to five entrances.)
  • Corridors - 3×3 block corridors featuring supports made from oak fences and wood planks (sometimes complementary with torches), broken rails, minecarts with chests (containing resources) and cave spider spawners surrounded by cobwebs.
  • Crossings - intersections with wooden pillars, sometimes two floors tall.
  • Staircases - diagonal sections of tunnel.
 I hope you enjoy it! Bye!

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Grass in Minecraft

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You must be know about grass block minecraft !! this grass block texture very amazing. Lets find you grass block in minecraft.
Double Tallgrass.png
Hello everybody! Nice to meet you! I will share to you about grass, and, this is the info.When broken normally, all variants will drop either nothing or seeds.
They can be obtained as an item using shears. The double tall grass and large ferns will drop two of the respective single block tall grass when mined using shears.
Water will destroy any tall grass in its way. Grass and double tall grass generate on grass blocks in most biomes that generate grass. Ferns and large ferns occur naturally only in jungle, taiga, and mega taiga biomes.
also read : Sugar Canes in Minecraft
Shrubs, though identical in appearance to the dead bushes found in deserts and mesas, do not naturally generate.
Bone meal can be used on a grass block to grow grass and occasionally flowers on it and in its vicinity. Bone meal can also be used on either tall grass or a fern to create a double tall grass or large fern.
A shrub looks identical to the dead bush, except that it will occasionally drop seeds instead of sticks, and is randomly offset from the center of its block like grass. It can be obtained using /give @p minecraft:tallgrass 1 0. In Pocket Edition, this block is named 'Fern' but has the texture of Grass in Minecraft

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